Arrival Asit Sage

1. At the time, when child was born, a great ascetic sage named Asit lived in the Himalayas.

 2. Asit sage saw that the God of the spacecraft was chanting the word 'Buddha' and his echo was ringing towards the face. He saw that they were moving their clothes around in joy. He thought, Should I not go to the place where the Buddha was born?

 3. He observes all the islands in his Divine vision. At that time, a divine child was born, and he saw that all the gods of the heavens were filled with joy.

 4. So the great sage arose and took with him his nephew, Nardatt, and came to the house of King suddhodan, and stood at the entrance to his palace.

 5. There he saw millions of people gathered. And he came to the door-keeper, and said to them, Go, say to the king, Behold, there is a heretic at the door.

 6. So he went to the gate-keeper and put his hands on him and said, "king, there is an old sage standing at the door. He wants to see you.

7. The king arranged a seat for asit sage and he said to the gatekeeper, Let those sages come! So he came outside the palace and said to the gatekeeper, 'Please come in.

8. asit sage went to the king of suddhodan and stood before him and said, "Victory!" Your victory, King! May you live long and rule they kingdom righteously

9. Then the cleanser greeted asit sage and gave him a seat to sit on. Sage asit happily replaced after king king said, this is a ascetic! Don't remember seeing you before? What should be the purpose of your arrival? What is the reason you are here?

10. Asit sage said to the purist, "King, you have received a son. I am here to see your son.

11. The boy is now asleep. Would you please wait a while? The sage said, king, the great does not sleep for long. These great beings are aware only by nature.

12. At that time, the child made a conscious move towards the great sage.

13. As soon as the baby was awake, Siddhartha took both his hands and brought it to the sage.

14. Asit sage looked at the boy and saw that he was carrying thirty-two signs of legends and eighty auspicious signs. He saw that his body was even brighter than Venus and Brahma's, and his sphere was a hundred thousand times more radiant than his. Out of the mouth of Asit sage exclaimed, "Of course, this supernatural man has come down on this earth!  So asit sage got up from his seat and folded his hands together and greeted the boy. They circled around the child, taking him in their arms and standing in a meditative position.

15. asit sage was aware of her earlier known prophecy. Like Gautama, there are only two paths ahead of the thirty-two symbolic beings, not the third. If he lives in a worldly life, then Chakravarti becomes emperor, But if he renounces his marriage and retires, he will become a Buddha

16. asit sage was convinced that this child would not live in the house.

17. And beholding at the child he wept, and shedding, tears sighed extremely

18. The king saw that asit sage was crying in tears and deeply.

19. Seeing Asita crying, the thrill stood on the body of the king, and they angrily asked sage asita, "Why are you crying this way, sage?" Why are you shedding tears? Why are you breathing long? The future of my children is solid, isn't it?

20. On hearing this, the sage said, "King, I'm not crying for a baby. Their future is so smooth, I'm crying for me.

21. "Why?" Asked the king. sage replied, I am old. My life is now over; Certainly this child will grow buddha and receive the highest and most appropriate address. Then, what no one else can do on this earth today, Dhammachakravartana will make this child. He will preach his greatest principles for the prosperity of the world.

21. The religious life he proclaims will be both good and in the beginning, good in the end and good in the end. It will be perfect and holy with the connotations of words and words.
23   Just as an oudumbara flower grows at any time and place in the world, at some time and place, after countless cycles, the revered Buddha rises in the word. Therefore, O king! This boy will without a doubt attain supreme, full enlightenment, and in doing so will lead countless people into the ocean of sorrow and sorrow to a state of happiness.
24. But I will not be able to see the Buddha, I am crying and because of this sorrow it is such a long exhalation. Because I will not be able to worship this Buddha.

 25. Thereupon the king satisfied the great asit sage and his nephew nardatt with proper food giving them a robe and circling around them, they performed obeisance.

 26. asit sage said to his nephew nardatt, nardatt! Whenever you hear that this child is a become Buddha, go to him and take refuge in his teaching. That will make you happy and prosperous. So saying asita sage took leave of the king departed for his hermitage

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