Buddha Born

buddha birth

The months have passed. Then one day, the Queen learned that her son was about to be born. She went to King Suddhodan and told him.
Lord, I wander in the happy garden. The birds sing among the trees, the air is brightened with pollen. I will wander in the happy garden.
But, Queen, will make you tired," Suddhodan replied. "Are you afraid?
The innocent being that I carry in the womb must be born in the innocence of a budding flower. No, I go, Master, I go to the flower garden.

The king succumbed to Maya's wish. He told the servant:
Go to the garden and decorate them with silver and gold. Decorate the tree with a valuable hang. Make everything magnificent as the queen passes by.
Then he told Maya:
Today, arrange yourself with a wonderful shine, O
Maya. Please ride a luxurious. Let your most beautiful maiden carry you. Instruct servants to use rare perfumes. Wear a pearl rope and jewelry bracelet. Let them carry lutes, drums and flutes and sing sweet songs that please the gods themselves.
Suddhodan obeyed, and the guards greeted her with a shout of joy when the queen reached the palace gate. The bell peeled cheerfully, the peacock spread its gorgeous tail, and the swan song throbbed in the air.
They came to the wooded forest and Maya ordered them to put a. She went out and wandered indiscriminately. She was happy. And look! She found an unusual tree, and the branches were hanging under the burden of flowers. She went to it. Reaching gently, she drew branches. Suddenly, she was standing still. She smiled, and the girl who was near her had a lovely child on her arm.
At that moment, everything living in the world shook with joy. The earth shook. The pattern of singing and dancing feet echoed in the sky. Seasonal trees have turned into flowers, and ripe fruits have dangled from the branches. Pure and gentle light appeared in the sky. The sick have removed their suffering. Hungry was satisfied. Those who fake the wine have calmed down. Madness has recovered their reasons. Their power was weak and their wealth was poor. The prison opened the gate. The wicked have cleansed all evil.
One of the Mayan maids screamed in a hurry to King Suddhodan.
My Lord, Lord, a son will be born in your house. He will bring great glory to your house!
He was silent. But his face glowed with joy, and he knew great happiness.
Now he has summoned all Sakaya and ordered him to take him to the garden where the child was born. They obeyed, and attended by many Brahman, they formed a noble squire, closely following the King.
When he came near the child, the king made deep obedience, and he said:
Do you bow when bowing in front of the prince named Siddhartha?
They all bowed and Brahman sang inspired by the gods.
All the creatures are happy and they are no longer devastated.They have traveled their way. He is born and gives happiness. He brings happiness to the world. The moon is an ember to die. He is born and gives light; he brings light to the world; the blind, deaf, and stupid have restored the reason for their birth. He restores the mind: he brings sight, he brings hearing, he brings reason to the world, scented Zephyr relieves human suffering.The flames are no longer ruthless, The currents stay, the earth is trembling gently, and he will be the watcher of the truth.

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