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 King Shuddhodan And Queen Mahamaya

king and queen
 quiet and glorious was this city where once the home of the great worshiper kapila. it seemed to be built from a piece of sky. the walls were like clouds of light and the house and garden had the magnificence of god. precious stones were shining everywhere. within that gate darkness was known as poverty. at night when the silver moonlight touched each tower the city was like a marigold pond. during the day when the roof was bathed in the golden sun the city was like a lotus river. the rule of king shuddhodan of capilavastu. this was his brightest ornament. he was kind generous polite and fair. he persecuted fierce enemies and they fell in battle in front of him like an elephant killed by indra. and when the darkness melts in the rays of the sun the wicked overcome their quick dignity. it brought light to the world and told the real way to those close to it. his great intelligence beat many friends many brave and wise friends for him and the light of the stars increased the brightness of the moon but that brightness shined on it. king shuddhodan of shakya caste married many queens. his favorite was maya. she was very beautiful. as if goddess fairy was lost in the world. when he spoke it was like a spring bird and his words were sweet and fun. his hair was black bee-colored. his forehead was as pure as a diamond. his eyes were as cold as a young blue lotus leaf. and he did not frown on the curve outside his eyebrow. she was noble. he wanted happiness on his subject. she was attentive to the teachers sacred teachings. she was honest and her behavior was exemplary. king shuddhodan and queen maya lived in capilavastu in peace and happiness. one day the queen took a bath and smelled her body dressed in delicate and colorful robes and covered her hands with jewelry. his face was smiling happily as the gold bracelet rotated around his ankle and demanded the kings presence. shuddhodan was sitting in a large hall. melodic music is paralyzing his quiet respect. maya sat at her right and said: listen my ruler savior of the earth i need to do my best to ask you what i have to ask. speak my queen replied shuddhodan. what is this benefit my ruler this planet has great suffering. and i see with sympathy all those who work steadily. it will help my fellow men. i close my mind to bad thoughts. how else do you stop it when i think badly i am very kind to myself so i can help and be kind to others. king i am proud. i can’t hear any malicious sounds. false or dishonest words. my lord i will live and fast in my penance life. and i never do anything wrong or wrong. i become a victim of anxiety and hatred and know anger and greed. these things made my eyes smile now and these things made my lips happy. he stopped for a while. the king looked at her with a gentle gesture. continued: my dear ruler i ask you to respect my simple life. do not enter the dark forest of desire. obey the rules of sacred restraint. repair the palace at the top of the royal palace. so at the place where the swan has nested prepare a sofa covered with flowers a soft and fragrant sofa. the maid can respond to my needs and shoot will officers guards and all rude homes. an unpleasant thing a sight of smell. only you he said nothing else. the king replied: and then leave it. i will give it to you whatever you ask for and he ordered: the air is blowing on the sound of swans the most important part of the royal palace where the queen can rest in a splendid and rare flower chesterfield made of gold and precious stones. and music. and your maternal grandfather gathers around him like the daughter of god in the heavenly garden. the queen stood up. now my ruler he said. but listen to me and listen to me. release prisoners. give to the poor with give. let men women and children be happy. then he left the room and went to the top of the royal palace. spring has arrived. the bird threw himself on the roof. birds sing in trees. the garden was blooming. a lotus bud was open on the surface of the pond. then as the queen settled down the high tone of the flute and the deep harmony of the strings radiated in the sunlight shining through the palace.
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