Buddha`s Wedding With Yashodhara

buddha`s wedding

1. There was a shakya called dandpani. He had a daughter named Yashodhara. She was famous for her beauty and character.

2. Yashodaar made her debut in the sixteenth year. and the dandpani was worried about her wedding.

 3. According to the custom of the time, the dandpani invited all the youth of the neighboring country to take part in their daughter's self.

4. An invitation was also sent to Siddhartha Gautama .

5. Sixteen years had passed for Siddhartha Gautama too. His parents also cared about his wedding.

 6. They told  him to go to swayamvar and offer his hand to
       yashodhara. He respected his parents’ wishes.

  7. Of all the youths, Yashodhara passed on to Siddhartha Gautama.

  8. The dandpani were not particularly happy. He was suspicious of the success of this wedding.

  9. He felt that Siddhartha was more inclined to associate with the Sadhus. He loves being single. How can he be a successful householder?

  10. Determined that no one would die except Siddhartha Gautama( Buddha), Yashodhara asked his father, "What crime is it to be with the monks and nephews?" Yashodhara didn't feel that way at all.

 11. Recognizing his daughter's determination that Siddhartha Goutamawould not marry anyone other than, Yashodhara's mother told the magistrate to consent to the wedding.

 12. It did not disappoint Siddhartha`s rivals, but they felt humiliated.

 13. They felt that Yashodhar had to take some tests in the selection, in order to get equal justice for them, but she did not do so.

  14. At that time they sat quiet. He felt that the rebuttal would not allow Siddhartha Gautama  to choose Yashodhara and that would serve his purpose.

15. But when the dandpani failed in this regard, they patiently demanded that an archery skill should be tested. The oppressor had to accept their demand.

  16. Initially, Siddhartha Goutama was unprepared.but channa, his charioteer point out  If he refuses to do so, then his father, his family, and most successors, will show how the shameful situation will come down to his shame.

  17. His words had a great impact on Siddhartha's mind and he agreed to take part in the competition.

  18. The competition began. Each competitor showed his or her skill when it came to their turn.

19. siddhartha turn came at last; But his perfect shooting was the best.

  20. After that the wedding ceremony took place. Both the shoddhodan and dandpani were delighted. Similarly, Yashodhara and Mahaprajapati were overjoyed.

21. After many years of wedding, Yashodhara had a son. He was named Rahul.

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