King Plans To Save His Son

king plan to save his son

1. The king was pleased. to see that his son was married and entered into this life of householder. At the same time, the prophecy of the asit sage was giving a similar chase.

 2. So that the future could not come true, the king decided to engage him in pleasures and carnal happy of life.

 3. With this objective in mind, the king built three palaces for his son to live in — one for summer, one for rain and one for winter. These three palaces were furnished with all manner of exhilarating activities that stimulated the life of luxury.

4. Around each palace, there is a beautiful garden of various varieties of trees and flowers.

 5. In consultation with Udayin the priest of his family, the king decided to arrange for such prince, to have a beautiful young lady for the prince.

 6. At that time, the king told the priest to advise the beautiful lady how to subdue the prince for the enjoyment of life.

 7. The having collected of beautiful ladies, priest first adviced them who had to be kept in their hearts gave them the first information on how to subdue the prince.

8. Addressing them he said, you are skilled in this kind of charm, you are clever in understanding the language of Madan, you have perfect beauty and attractiveness. You are perfect in your own style.

9. You can upset even those sage who have no lust left behind, and you can even be engrossed in the ensnare even the gods who are charm the heavenly nymphy.

10. If you can seduce women with your skill of expressing your feelings in your heart, your coquetry, your grace and your beauty, then how much easily do you mark men?

11. It is not impossible for you to conquer a prince who is so skilled in his field, and to bind him to you and to tie him with your love.

12. In this case, an intimidating act that you do in your hands will appeal to a bride who is blinded by shame, but you will not.

13. Surely, this valiant man is great in our might, But what about you, the power of a woman is greater than, let this be your firm resolve

14. In ancient times, a great ascetic, whom it was difficult even by Gods to conquer, was beaten by a beauty of Kashi planting her feet upon him

 15. And even when he was subjected to the asceticism of the great ascetic Viswamitra, he was banned in the forest for ten years by a nymphs named ghritaki.

16. What about the delicate prince whose youthful flower is first sprouting where so many ascetics are seduced by women?

17. Whatever it is, then you have to persevere so that the family lineage of the prince will not be missed.

18. Ordinary women attract the common man, but they are truly women, who win men of extraordinary nature.

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