Prime Minister Explaining To Prince


1. Udayin understood that the women had not success and the prince took no interest in them.

 2. Udayi  thought of talking to the prince himself.

 3. In solitude to the prince, Udayi said - "Because the king has appointed me to your court. That's why I want to talk to you as a friend.

 4. To avoid any harm, to work profitably, not to be left in trouble - these are the three characteristics of a friend.

 5. If I do not convince you of malevolence even after declaring my friendship, then I am in love with my friendship.

6. It is good to relate to women with upper mind also. Due to this, the man is hesitant and the mind is also colored

7. Do not be unfounded and obey them - only these two things bind the women in the bond of love. Of course, harmony is also the cause of love. Women want respect. 

8. O Vishalaksha! Won't you make any effort to keep them happy, even with the upper mind, to show them grace in accordance with their beauty? 

 9. Manners of women. Manners is his ornament. Beauty without manners is like a garden without flowers.

10. But what about manners alone! The spirit of the heart must also be matched with that. When you are in your worldly, which can be so difficult, you will certainly not despise them.

 11. In the past, Indra embraced Ahalya, the mate of the sage Gautama, in the ancient times,considering work as the first effort.

12. Similarly, sage Agastya also performed Raman with Somabharya Rohini and according to Shruti passed the same with Lopamudra.

 13. Sage Brihaspati consorted with Mamta, the daughter of the Maruta and gave birth to Bharadwaja.

 14. Moon was taken by Jupiter's wife offering Ardhya and gave birth to divine Mercury.

 15. Similarly, in ancient times, Parashar Rishi from Ragatirek cohabitated with Kali, daughter of Varuna's son, on the banks of Yamuna.

16. The sage Vasistha cohabitated with a lowly caste woman named Akshamala and gave birth to a son named Kapinjalad.

17. And even after reaching old age, Rajarshi Yayati had intercourse with nymph Vishwachi in Chavrath forest.

18. Even though he knew that cohabitation with his wife would be the cause of his death, the Kaurava-king Pandu was enamored with the form and qualities of Madri, subjugated by love.

19. Even such great men have consumed juggling jobs. Then what is the fault in the use of praiseworthy work?

20. Despite all this, you are surprised that you are neglecting the pleasures which are justly yours and in which the whole world is enamored, full of strength, virility and beauty.

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