failure of women to subdue the prince

1. These words of Udayin touched the hearts of women. they decided to exert all his power to subdue  Prince.

2. But in spite of his eyebrows, his claws, his smiles, his soft movements, those women did not  believe that his magic could run on Prince.

 3. But due to Udayin inspiration, Prince's soft nature and gentle and love soon made his self- confidence stable.

4. Then the women got involved in their work. Prince's condition was similar to that of a wandering elephant king in the Himalayan forest surrounded by elephant clusters.

 5. The prince surrounded by those women was beautified as if the sun-god was surrounded by nymph in his royal mansion.

6. Some of them from love pressed him with their chest.

7. The others hugged him tightly, pretending to be stumbling, and they left his velvety-cute hands on his shoulders and bowed to him.

8. Some others whispered in his ear with his sweet-smelling, blood-colored lips - listen to my secret words.

9. Some others - whose clothes were soaked with other clothes - said like giving orders to them - "Worship us here."

10. Another, her blue robes, which was swirling down and down again, appearing to show her tongue as if she were a glimmer of light at night..

11. A few roamed around the other ghungroos and were also displaying their semi-covered bodies.

12. Some others were standing holding an mango tree and exhibiting their urn like chest.

13. The lotus flower, which was brought from the lotus palm, stood in front of the lotus prince like Kamalavati Padma Devi.

14. The other one sang a song with proper gesture so that it could also be moderate. His vision was saying - Hey! What confusion are you in!

15. The second one copied his facial posture by taunting his ghostly command on his luminous face.

16. Another one whose chest was full up and whose earrings were swinging in the air loudly smile and said - "If you can, hold me."

17. Some others tried to tie him to the garlands of fruits. Some others hit her with sweet but piercing words like a curb.

18. Another one called him, showed a flower in the hand of a mango tree and asked - "Whose flower is it?"

19. Another one made a man-like shield and said - "O woman, win, conquer this earth."

20. The other one addressed the prince in a few vague words, smelling a blue padma and gnawing his round eyes.

21. Owner! See this mango fruit covered with honey-smelling flowers. cuckoo sings here like a band in a golden cage.

22. Come here and see this Ashoka-tree which is bereaved of lovers and where honey-flies buzz  as if  they are fire-lit.

23. Come here and look at this tilak tree wrapped in amra-latika as if a yellow vest is wrapped in a white cloth covered with a man.

24. Look at the flowering Kuravak tree illuminated like Anguri-rasa which is bent like this, as if  hurt by the redness of the fingernails of women!"

25. Come and see this young Ashok tree, whose new branches are spread all around. It seems as if  it is a shame to see the beauty of our hands.

26. Look at this lake, on whose banks the sun rises, as if on a white cloth, a beautiful ramani flower is lying on it.

27. Look at the power of the woman. In the water, the chakvi goes back and forth and her husband follows behind as if she is his slave.

 28. Listen to the music of cuckoo, and follow the other words literally.

29. It would have been nice if some part of the frenzy that had arisen in birds during spring was also in you and it would not have been the thoughts of the wise men who always considered themselves intelligent.

30. In this way, these loving women carried out every kind of war policy against the prince.

31. Despite being attacked so much, he was not happy, nor smiled.

32. The prince kept thinking with steady concentration as he got acquainted with his real state.

33. What is so lacking in these women that they cannot even see that puberty is chalky. Aging will destroy all beauty.

34. By the way, these praises had been going on for months and years. But he did not succeed.

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