Ajanta Cave Design

The paintings and paintings of Ajanta and Ellora are considered to be a masterpiece of Buddhist art. It marks the greatest development of Buddhism in India. The caves are considered a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1983. The paintings on the walls and roofs of Ajanta and Ellora show the light of the golden age of India associated with the Gupta Dynasty. The paintings in Ajanta Cave feature sculptures of animals and types of people that make them great sweets for the artist's character.

The construction of the Ajanta and Ellora caves

The caves of Ajanta and Ellora are divided into various phases: the first phase is the Hinayana phase, in this section, the Buddha used to worship in the form of certain symbols. Another category is the Mahayana section. At this stage, the Buddha used to pray in a certain physical form.

There are 30 caves in Ajanta, out of which many caves contain mural paintings. 1,2,16 and 17 were considered to be excellent paint compared to other paintings. On the other hand the best paintings can be found in the cave inscriptions 1,4,17 and 19.

The Buddha stone building can easily be viewed on the Ajanta Cave. Tourists view this journey as a journey of their life history. With about 30 caves this Ajanta Cave dates from the 2nd century. these caves suggested a well-defined heart of modern architecture.

painting: -preferred from Ajanta shows its attractive beauty and the wealth of its structure. Most of the paintings here are intended for bright and reflective colors. These colors add beauty to the atmosphere of Ajanta Cave. The art of sculpture can be seen through the paintings of Lord Buddha. It shows a prominent place in architecture.

Illustration: - The pictures above show the message of religious themes. Other paintings include the birth of a king known as the Jatakas. Some paintings contain messages that focus on one's strength. The painting process and the painting process in Ajanta is a template. To give this top of the wall a thin layer, it is painted in the colors used on dry plaster. After this, all the paintings are done in a waterproof area where colors come in. The construction of the caves was very fashionable. There is mud that acts as a base paint.

Nowadays, the government has tried many times to keep the paintings from getting corrupted. This decrease can be caused by various factors such as temperature or humidity and due to accumulation of dust. So these paintings are now covered with a certain chemical coating.
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