Buddha Teachings On Forgiveness.

Buddha Teachings On Forgiveness.

Once, a Buddha was sitting under a tree talking to his disciples when a man came and spit in his face. He wiped, and asked the man, "What's next? What do you want to do next? The man was confused because he never expected that if you spit on someone's face, he would ask, "What's next? He had no such involvement with his past. He was shocked and upset and reacted. If they were cowardly and weak, they'd smiled at him, trying to bribe the person.But Buddha was like that, he was not coy or angry in any way, but he actually said, "What's next?" He didn't react this way.

The Buddhist disciples became angry, and reacted. Her closest student, Ananda, said, “This is too much, and we can't put up with it. He should be punished for it. Otherwise everyone will start doing things like this. ”The Buddha said,“ please keep silence. He’s not annoying me, but he’s annoying me. You are young, an alien. You must have heard from people about me, that this man does not believe in the existence of God, he is a dangerous person who rejects people in their place, a rebel, a destroyer. And you might have created some idea, in my opinion. He never spit on me, he spit on his vision. She's blown her opinion of me because she doesn't know me at all, now she can spit on me?

“If you think about it,” says the Buddha, “he has crossed his mind. I'm not a part of it, and I realize that this poor man must have something to say because this is a way of saying something. Spitting is a way of saying something. There are times when you feel like the language is powerless: in deep love, in great anger, in hate, in prayer. There are great times when language doesn't work. After that you have to do something. When you are angry, you are very angry, you hit someone, you spit, you say something. I understand her. He has to have a lot to say, which is why I ask, "What's next?"

The man was even more surprised! The Buddha said to his disciples, "I am very worried about you because you know me, and have lived with me for years, and you still respond." Confused, confused, the man returned home. He couldn't sleep all night. When you see a Buddha, it is difficult, it is impossible to fall back to sleep like you used to. Time and again he was fascinated by that. He couldn't explain himself to her, what happened. She was shivering from side to side and gasping for breath. He had never found such a person; changed his whole mind and his whole way, all the past.

The next morning he was back there. He threw himself at the Buddha's feet. The Buddha asked him, "What's next? This, too, is a way of saying something that cannot be said in a language. When you come in and touch my feet, you say something that is not generally said, that is, all words are short; it will not be found in them." , it says something. This man is a man of deep feelings. ”

The man looked at the Buddha and said, "Forgive me for what I did yesterday."

The Buddha said, "Forgive? But I'm not the man you did to him. The river continue to flow, never again the same river. Everyone is a river. The person you spit is no longer here. I look like him, but I'm not the same. I cannot forgive you for not being angry with you. ”

“And you're young. I can see that you were not the person who arrived yesterday because that person was angry and spitting, and you kneeling at my feet and touching my feet. How can you be the same man? You're not the same person, so let's forget about it. Those two people, the man that spit on the man and the man he spit on, are both gone. Get closer. Let's discuss more. ”
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