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Hello Friends! Welcome To My Lord-BuddhaStory Blog,

My Name Is Sameer Sonawane

I made this blog for all those friends, want to know about buddha.

Peace of mind Great thoughts of Lord Buddha that will give peace to your mind.

Mahatma Buddha, the world's leading religious reformers and philosophers, established Buddhism on the basis of his teachings. Today Buddhism is one of the major religions of the world and is considered in more than 10 countries including China, Japan, Sri-Lanka. In this blog, it is a small effort to bring the great thoughts of Gautam Buddha to the by taking in front of you.

Lord Buddha is a real source of positive energy. We all need motivation we all need happiness and positivity but this not the question the question is how can we be like how we want our self.

 my intention,

provide to people Buddha thought and Happiness
by these small steps I’m trying to distribute about buddha to the people. I want  happiness for all

so stay connected with this blog and keep learning about buddha

thank you.

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